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CCBHC General Requirements

SAMHSA’s CCBHC requirements fall into six categories:


Medicaid-enrolled providers who are credentialed, certified and licensed professionals with adequate training in person-centered, family-centered, trauma-informed, culturally-competent and recovery-oriented care will help ensure this objective is attained.

Availability and accessibility of services

Offer comprehensive services to individuals in their community, considering the following: the need for access at time and places convenient for those served; prompt intake and engagement in services; access regardless of ability to pay and place of residence; access to adequate crisis services; and consumer choice in treatment planning and services.

Care coordination

Provide integrated and coordinated care that is person-centered and family-centered and considers the consumer’s choice in care services provided. The patient’s needs and preferences are known ahead of time and communicated at the right time to the right people; this information is used to provide safe, appropriate and effective care to the patient.

Scope of services

CCBHCs are required by PAMA to provide directly, or provide through referral or formal relationships with other providers, a broad array of services to meet the needs of the population served in a person and family-centered manner. If a DCO supplies some of the required services, the CCBHC is still regarded as providing the service and is clinically responsible for he services provided.

Quality and other reporting

Data collection, use and reporting are vital for assessment and improvement of program quality. As a condition of participation in the demonstration program, states are required to collect and report on encounter, clinical outcomes and quality improvement data.

Organizational authority, governance and accreditation

Must be a nonprofit or part of a local government behavioral health authority or operated under the authority of the Indian Health Service, an Indian Tribe, or Tribal organization or an urban Indian organization. CCBHC’s board members are representative of the individuals being serviced in terms of demographic factors.